Monday, November 21, 2011

Cover Letter


I am looking for a position as a background designer/ asset creator. I am always willing to learn new programs and techniques to enhance my skill level further.
I am interested in this position because I have a passion for creating concepts. It has been my dream to work for a movie or game company ever since I was a kid. Breaking down to my process, I love to create character and creatures that have back stories that help bring a character to life, either if that’s designing a character, monster or environment. Starting from simple sketches to silhouettes, line art to paint strokes. I like to learn new things that can help push my skills to a further level; I’m never satisfied so I keep pushing myself to reach unpredictable outcomes.

It was generous of you to take your time and read my cover letter and resume for a possible career at your studio. I would be most grateful to come in to your studio for a possible interview, if you are interested in any further documentation feel free to contact me at:

-Steve Palmerton

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